Business Model

Fixed Price Based Model
This is the business model applied to most of the projects wherein the scope of the project is known and freezed. At SAR, we use various estimation methodologies to derive cost for the project.

Time and Material Based Model
Here we work in collaboration with the clients for end to end project execution while costing is derived on hourly basis.

Alliances / Partners
SAR would be keen and open to alliances and accept partnerships in the business interest of each other. We extend the benefit of our technical expertise in various technologies and the domain experience to be your technical alliance. You take care of the marketing aspects and we keep investing into technology to give you the most updated and versatile solution adapted to latest technology.

Dedicated Development Center
Within this option, a team of dedicated resources are assigned for fixed contract period of time. These teams would act as an extended IT arm of your IT teams or department. Dedicated teams, although are part of SAR, will have complete access to all the facilities and support as other teams do and if required, will also be equipped with specialized needs as demanded by the clients.

Joint Development Environment
This methodology involves multiple development partners in the design and development of an application, through collaborative efforts, while being part of a common development environment. In order to maximize our client's IT investment, SAR is actively establishing joint development alliances with leading IT firms to either expand product and service offerings or to jointly develop and introduce entire new web solutions to the marketplace.